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User-Care, Specifications, and Assembly

The following is a page listing user-care, dimensions, and assembly instruction PDFs to assist you with understanding your product. For your convenience, use the Ctrl+F function on your keyboard to find the model name of your item in the list below. 



User Care Guides:

User Care Manual for Beds Download

User Care Manual for Bar Stools Download

User Care Manual for HDPE Outdoor Furniture Download

User Care Manual for Dining Chairs Download

User Care Manual for Nightstands Download


Product Dimensions:

Avery Download 

Balboa Download

Brisbane Download

Bristol Download

Catalina Download

Chester King Download

Chester Queen Download

Chestera King Download

Chestera Queen Download

Corona Download

Gina Download

Hampton Download

Hampton Footrest Download

Hermosa Download

Kensington Download

Kinsley Download

Lexington Download

Marina Download

Naples Download

Neville Download

Pacifica King Download

Pacifica Queen Download

Skylar Download

Tustin Download

Windsor King Download

Windsor Queen Download

Windsora King Download

Windsora Queen Download


Assembly Manuals

Avery Assembly Manual Download 

Balboa Assembly Manual Download

Brisbane Assembly Manual Download

Bristol Assembly Manual Download

Catalina Assembly Manual Download

Chester King Assembly Manual Download

Chester Queen Assembly Manual Download

Chestera King Assembly Manual Download

Chestera Queen Assembly Manual Download

Corona Assembly Manual Download

Hampton Assembly Manual Download

Hampton Footrest Assembly Manual Download

Hermosa Assembly Manual Download

Kensington King Assembly Manual Download

Kensington Queen Assembly Manual Download

Lexington King Assembly Manual Download

Lexington Queen Assembly Manual Download

Marina Assembly Manual Download

Naples King Bedframe Assembly Manual Download

Naples King Headboard Assembly Manual Download

Naples Queen Bedframe Assembly Manual Download

Naples Queen Headboard Assembly Manual Download

Neville King Headboard Assembly Manual Download

Neville Queen Headboard Assembly Manual Download

Pacifica King/Queen Assembly Manual Download

Skylar Assembly Manual Download

Tustin Assembly Manual Download

Windsor King/Queen Assembly Manual Download

Windsora King/Queen Assembly Manual Download