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Environmental Impact

What We're Doing

LuXeo USA is committed to preserving our environment and selling products that use recycled materials to help lessen the negative impact in our ecosystems and communities. Just like proper recycling and disposal practices, our company is using recycled materials that can help reduce the amount of plastics and other excess waste from the environment and protect natural resources.    

Our Materials

HDPE: High-Density Polyethylene is a recycled thermoplastic that is made from commonly used and disposed of plastics such as: milk jugs, shampoo or conditioner bottles, and detergent/bleach jugs. HDPE is a type 2, strong, solid plastic, and is the primary material that most of our outdoor adirondack chairs are made from, preventing plastics from going to the landfill or ending up in our oceans. 
Eco-Friendly Oak Wood: Oak wood is not only a durable building material, but a sustainable resource as well. With responsible forest management, oak wood is a common hardwood, that when harvested, does not release any harmful chemicals or gases into the environment. Unlike other building materials that require more energy, such as metals and concrete, oak wood can be harvested and shaped naturally. 


Teak wood is renowned not only for its beauty and durability but also for its positive environmental impact. Teak trees grow in tropical regions, where they contribute to vital ecosystems by providing habitat and supporting biodiversity. Moreover, teak forests help mitigate climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Harvesting teak wood responsibly ensures the sustainability of this valuable resource. Sustainable forestry practices, such as selective logging and replanting, help maintain the health of teak forests while supporting local economies. Additionally, teak wood's natural resistance to pests and decay reduces the need for chemical treatments, further minimizing environmental impact.

Choosing teak wood products supports the preservation of these forests and encourages sustainable management practices. By opting for teak, you're not only investing in high-quality, long-lasting furniture or construction material but also contributing to the conservation of our planet's precious ecosystems.

What You Can Do

Protecting and preserving the environment is a collective process that requires everyone's participation. When unpacking our products, be sure to dispose of cardboards, styrofoam, wood pallets, and plastic straps in your respective recycling bins to prevent these materials from permanently going to a landfill.
Do not overfill your recycling bins. If your bins are too full, contents can spill out and pollute the surrounding area. Should you decide to replace or upgrade your products, consider secondhand selling to prevent your product from going to local dumping grounds.