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Warranty Information

Thank you for choosing our products and for your trust in our warranty. To initiate a warranty claim, please follow the procedure outlined below:

  • Determine Warranty Coverage: Our limited warranty applies only to residential use. Please note that the warranty period for outdoor furniture is 1 year, while indoor furniture is covered for 90 days. The warranty period starts from the date of purchase, which is indicated on the receipt or proof of purchase.
  • Parts Replacement: In case of a valid warranty claim, replacement parts required for repair and shipping cost will be provided free of charge. However, labor costs are not covered.
  • Assessment and Resolution: Our customer service team will carefully review your warranty claim and the information provided. If the claim is determined to be valid, we will work closely with you to determine the appropriate resolution, which may involve repair, replacement, or refund, in accordance with our warranty terms and conditions.
  • Eligibility: Warranty claims are valid for manufacturing defects only. The warranty is specifically applicable to the original purchaser of the product. To validate your warranty claim, please ensure you have the proof of purchase, such as a receipt, indicating the date of purchase.
  • Document the Defect: It is important to provide clear and detailed images or documentation of the defect or issue you are experiencing. These images or documents will be necessary for our team to assess the claim and determine the appropriate resolution.
  • Warranty Claim Request: Submit your warranty claim request by contacting our customer service team. When making the request, please provide your name, contact details, proof of purchase, and images or documents showcasing the defect.

    Please remember that the warranty claim procedures may vary slightly based on the specific circumstances and the particular product. For comprehensive information about our warranty coverage, terms, and conditions, we recommend reviewing the downloadable PDF files for indoor and outdoor warranty coverage available on our website.

    Limited 90-Days Indoor Furniture Warranty (downloadable PDF)  

    Limited 1-Year Outdoor Furniture Warranty (downloadable PDF)